China Sourcing


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Sourcing from China carries many potential risks

which could cost your business

precious time and money.

Often Australian businesses face huge hurdles such as language and cultural barriers as well as limited understanding of the business practices in China. 

Distance, the lack of local knowledge and having the right contacts are also factors that can severely hinder your success.


Here at China FEC

we are your trusted and experienced

China sourcing partner!


We'll work closely with your business to do all the legwork to directly connect you with the right suppliers, manufacturers, technologies and skills from all 31 provinces across China.


We don't just stop there.  We'll be there with you for the long term to manage and coordinate the end to end process.

Regardless of what your pricing, quantity or quality requirements are, we can source all kinds of products from the right suppliers to meet your needs.  

Key Services We Offer:

  • Comprehensive sourcing
  • Negotiating the best rates

  • Defining product specs that will meet your needs

  • Supplier background investigation

  • Due Diligence Services

  • Inspection Quality control

  • Factory auditing

  • Risk assessment & management services

  • Copyright & intellectual property

  • Arrange to meet the suppliers in China

  • Arrange for the supplier to meet you in Australia

  • Providing on-going support and assisting your business in each transaction moving forward

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